What people are saying about Red Light Roxy:


“Red Light Roxy was incredible! As they played throughout the night, all of our guests constantly came up to me to compliment the band. They really sounded outstanding. The band was super accommodating and extremely easy to work with. I can’t recommend them enough.” – Max R.
Outstanding Swing Band! This band is the real deal!

“I hire Red Light Roxy multiple times a year for my events. I couldn’t be more happy with Red Light Roxy! They are all amazing musicians and super easy going professionals. They are perfect for any event. Want people to easily mingle at your next event? Hire a REAL swing band! Red Light Roxy delivers. They will get the crowd up on their feet and out on the dance floor. They play all of your favorite tunes from the swing era. EVERYONE will be pleased! Guaranteed!” – Valerie Salstrom of Get Hep Swing.

First class!
“It was easy to work with this band. The members were on time, prepared, gracious, and played beautifully. They made my event a top notch event. Really talented musicians. I hope I can see them at a swing event sometime. I highly recommend Roxy!” – Leslie D.
“They’ve found a groove that appeals to just about everyone! Jazz doesn’t get any better!!” – Terry S.
“Totally unique sound, fresh, tight, nostalgic, and a great and fun time!” – Lisa M.
“Great sound, great vocalist, great dance music.” – Tc S.
“There is no question about the jazz credentials of the members of Red Light Roxy, but the group is willing to branch out into a variety of different styles…as a result, the group is appealing to a much wider audience than many strictly jazz groups.”

Joe Mosbrook, Cleveland Jazz History, WCLV 90.3 FM

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